We Are Agents Watching Over Liberty

Epic Battle Agents Watching Over Liberty (A.W.O.L.) was formed on September 18, 2006 after the FBI was concerned that the criminal element in Paragon City was getting out of control.  The task of forming a group to tackle this criminal element, Special Agent Kelly Evans (Agent Prometheia) was recruited to head this new group.  Assuming the “Director” status, Agent Prometheia began recruiting “agents” to “watch over” the “liberty” of the citizens of Paragon City.

Our History

The End of Romulos
While the United States was in the middle of the Second World War, a man by the name of Marcus Cole found the “Well of the Furies” and opened Pandora’s Box.   Although the raw power turned Marcus Cole into the world’s first super hero, it also turned his friend Stephan Richter into the world’s first super villain.  Over the years as more super powered individuals (and other threats) were identified, the United States government began work on their own team of individuals with extraordinary abilities.

Under “Project Liberty Protection,”   a team of normal humans worked with super powered agents to keep evil at bay.  The project was later abandoned after Statesman formed the Freedom Phalanx. The project had been left to the history pages until after the Rikti invasion.  While the UN had the Vanguard group testifying to their actions during the invasion, the US Department of Homeland Security was hard at work resurrecting “Project  Liberty Protection” in a new form.  Reporting directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security, this new group would be comprised by recruiting some of the top talents in various Federal agencies.

Once the President and key Congressional leaders were briefed , “Project Liberty Protection” was green lit. Agent’s Watching Over Liberty (A. W. O. L.) was started under Director Katt.  Director Katt began the initial work on a secured base of operations.  Once the process was started, it was his job to recruit the best and brightest to form the core group of agents.  Looking from the various Federal agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, HS, NCIS, CID, etc), he began the long process of getting top talent for the skeleton crew. Director Katt started with his core set of Agents and began to protect Liberty on 2006-07-04.

Since that time, Director Katt has moved on to other projects and left command of A. W. O. L. to his assistant director Agent Prometheia.  Under Agent Prometheia, A. W. O. L. continues its function and its motto, taken from Alfred Lord Tennyson, “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

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