General Rules

As with any organization, there are rules and regulations to follow. For AWOL, the rules are simple and should be considered standard courtesy. First and foremost, we want people to have fun; after all, this is just a game. But we must remember that this is a “Teen” rated game and as such, we need to conduct ourselves accordingly. If an Agent is in a team, they represent the group as a whole so we will take all complaints very seriously. If someone asks you to stop doing something, please respect that request.

Demotion / Termination Rules

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Demotion (reprimand) guidelines:
You may be demoted for any of the following reasons.  The demotion may not occur immediately as all demotions will be at the discretions of the directors.  You will always be given the right to defend yourself and you will always be given a warning for the first time.  These rules are for subsequent violations.

  • Failure to respect your position in the group.  This includes not helping others among other things.
  • Excessive swearing.  Please keep in mind that this is not a mature rated game.  While swearing sometimes cannot be avoided, try to keep it on the PG-13 level (ie damn, hell, shit, bastard, bitch, etc).
  • Being inactive for over 21 days without a notice in the Absence forum.
  • Excessive complaining.  Nobody likes a whiner, besides this is a game and not real life.
  • Sexual innuendos.  A lot of us are adults and sex fills the airwaves but there are limits.  Please keep in mind that there might be children playing and their parents watching.

Termination guidelines:
We hope we never have to terminate our relationship with anyone but there are things that will end your relationship with us.  As above with Demotions, you will always be given a warning and a chance to appeal.

  • Belittling another person.  Again, this a game so there is no reason to “put down” someone.  If you are upset with someone, try constructive criticism (like hey target through the tanker) instead of telling someone their stupid or don’t know how to play.
  • Foul language.  While phrases like “GD” and “FU” maybe ok where you are, not everyone is in your location.  Please keep this in mind.
  • Being inactive for over 30 days without absence notice.  If you were terminated because of inactivity, you can be invited back into the Supergroup pending availability of space.
  • Sexually explicit content shall not be tolerated at any time.

Immediate Termination:
Unlike the regular termination guidelines, the following will get you permanently banned from the group and/or reported to the GMs.  There is no appeal for these because there is no excuse for them.

  • Racism.  This will not be tolerated and on a fictional note, a good superhero is not a racist.
  • Sexual Harassment.  This will be treated seriously and WILL be reported to the GMs.
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