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AWOL has made news around the globe and here in Paragon City. Read all about our past exciting adventures, triumphs, and awards.


AWOL makes that Top 30 SuperGroups…

AWOL has reached a milestone event by making it to the top 30 of the supergroups (both hero and villian) on the liberty server. We want to thank everyone who have helped us on our trek to towards the top but we want to remind everyone to continue the fight as there are other supergroups who are also climbing to the top.


Halloween Event continues…

Halloween Event continues. Zombies beware our might.

Zombies, vampries, warewolves, and other fendish creatures have come out. Only the combined might of Paragon Cities’ heroes can put them down 6 feet under (or until Nov 10th, whichever comes first).


Alt SG Created

Alt SG called “Special Taskforce of AWOL Retired Staff” (STARS) is created.

This SG will be a sister SG to AWOL and is designed to hold characters lvevel 45 and above who are not “active” members of AWOL. What this means is that if you are not playing your level 45+ character that much and want to not worry about that toon getting booted for inactivity, you can move the toon over to STARS where there will not be an inactivity period boot.


Successful Task Force Commander Weekend

I wish to thank all who joined us for the Task Force Commander Weekend. We ran 3 teams for Positron and Synapse, 2 teams for Sister and Citadel, and a team for Manticore and Numina. The smallest team size at any time was 6.

The next TF Cmdr weekend looks to be around Aug 14. Thank you all again as it was a 16.5 hour blast.


A.W.O.L. Gets New Site

A.W.O.L. has received a brand new website complete with forums, ventrilo information and blog amongst many other new features.


Moving Up the Ladder

City of Heroes Screenshot

A.W.O.L. moved into the 85th spot on the Top 100 List of Super/Villain Groups on Liberty.

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