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Feel like you just missed us? Want to know what other agents are planing? Maybe they want to take down Romulus or help save Fusionette (again). Check out our Events page for more information.


The “Director’s Challange”

What is it – Complete all of one your character’s flashback arcs and you must treat all flashback arcs as “Defeat Alls.” You can set the difficulty as you see fit.

Why do it – For those who choose to perform this task on their level 50 toons, it is a chance to go back and partake inThe “Director’s Challange” the content.  For those less than level 50, its a chance to get XP.  For all – MERITS !!!!!  For the SG – PRESTIGE!!!!!

This is truly a win / win for all.


Task Force Commander Weekend – June 27/28

The End of Romulos
Greetings fellow Liberty players.

I would like to announce that AWOL will be running all 6 Signature Task Forces on June 27 and June 28, starting with Positron at 12 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Please gather by Positron 30 mins prior so we can work out teams. I will also be broadcasting in LBx around that time.

The plan will be to run all of the TFs in order and have a “rest break” of 15 or 30 mins between each TF. When we approach the midnight hour (eastern time) we will decided what time to pick up the next TF on Sunday (and I will post here as well).

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